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Welcome to Sounds Like Greek to Me, the podcast that makes learning Greek accessible and fun for anyone with a mother tongue other than Greek. Our short and easy-to-follow episodes cover a wide range of topics related to Greece and its people, all spoken in slow and clearly pronounced Greek.

Our podcast is designed for people who are already learning Greek and have a basic understanding of the language. With new episodes released every couple of weeks, you can continue to practice and improve your language skills with each episode.

At Sounds Like Greek to Me, we're a team of passionate language learners who want to share our love of the Greek language and culture with others. Behind the podcast are Dimitris and Maria, two civil engineers based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a passion for languages and music. With a shared passion both for music and languages, it was only natural for us to create a podcast.

We believe that learning a new language should be an enjoyable experience, which is why we created Sounds Like Greek to Me. And with the text of all our episodes available on our website, you can follow along and deepen your understanding of the language and culture.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey of learning Greek. We're thrilled to be a part of your language learning journey, and we can't wait to share more episodes with you.

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